christmas at the cathedral

2012 Christmas Concert at Grace Cathedral
As mentioned in the previous post, I drew the cover for Grace Cathedral’s 2012 Christmas Concert brochure. Last Saturday my wife and I went down to San Francisco, and up up up Nob Hill, to see the wonderful show itself, courtesy of the cathedral. Naturally I took my sketchbook. While last year I drew the impressive vaulted ceiling all the way down to the singing choir, this year I took a panoramic approach; you’ll have to click on the image for a larger view, I’m afraid. I did all the penwork during the concert, and added the colour when I got home (from my detailed notes – shirt=yellow, hair=brown etc). I have drawn in here a few times now so i am getting used to this impressive space. It is always nice to draw with a cathedral full of singing all around you. The Christmas Concert at Grace Cathedral is a San Francisco tradition, and I’m very honoured to have illustrated their flier and brochure two years in a row. Here they are…
grace xmas programs 2012
The concert was majestic. I love all the old Christmas songs, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and all that; though I’m not a religious person myself, they make me nostalgic, somehow reminding me more of England than America, Christmas Carols, mince pies, junior school concerts, Harry Secombe on the telly, Shepherds washing their socks by night. There was, almost inevitably, one deeply sad moment: a verse of Silent Night, added to the set following the terrible event that happened the day before in Connecticut. It was a well attended concert, one of several that have taken place this month at Grace; this weekend there are performances of Handel’s Messiah performed by American Bach Soloists. Many thanks once again to Abby and Bruce for giving me this opportunity again. As I have said before, I do love drawing a cathedral!

16 thoughts on “christmas at the cathedral

  1. Aloquin says:

    It sounds like a beautiful event, brought to life by your art. Thank you for sharing it with us. Was it only a concert, or a sermon, as well?

    I wanted to inquire, as I’ve been thinking of places to draw from the front seat of my car (it’s cold in NY this time of year)… wether you’re out on a street, or at a concert in a cathedral, do you ever feel self-conscious when people watch you sketch? Do you ever feel awkward? I know you’ve mentioned your handy-dandy stool which accompanies you, and I was wondering if many people stare at you as you sketch, or have you gotten comfortable by now and it doesn’t bother you?

    Oh, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

    • pete scully says:

      No, doesn’t bother me any more. I prefer passing people not to hang about me too long, but I know people like to see what happens when artists draw, and I’m fine with that. I’m part of the scenery too.
      Merry Christmas!

  2. ChrisF says:

    This is a great representation of Grace Cathedral. I have to confess that Armistead Maupin and his Tales of the City ruined Grace Cathedral for me for a while….fiction I know but still. So this is a much pleasanter picture to keep in mind.

  3. redharparts says:

    Beautiful drawings, both the sketch and the one on the program. I do love Gothic churches and I’ve liked Grace for many years. Finally got there a couple years ago. I’ve started getting the sermons via podcast.

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