that’s what i’m trying to tell you kid, it’s been totally blown away

boiler building 121112 one
These lunchtime sketches are the last drawings ever of the old UC Davis Boiler Building. I made a point of getting there today to see what was left, and met a wide open space and a sad, defiant little corner. I just had to sketch straight away. As I sketched, big machines heaved and huffed and knocked away segments. Large cracks appeared accompanied by deep thunderous booms. It’s nothing personal, they said, we just want a place for the music to happen. The old external boilers, which originally drew me to the building (I sketched those back in 2010 as part of my hydrants and pipes NaNoDrawMo series), were holding out. I moved to the other side, to excitedly grab another sketch from a different angle. Such a thirst for the creative powers of destruction! When I came back a couple of hours later, all that remained were the boilers and a small section of wall. Oh, and a lot of rubble.
boiler building 121112 two

I am not done, of course. I’ll chart the new building as it grows, the new Recital Hall. I don’t know what it will look like yet (I don’t want to see any of the plans, I want the surprise).

Fare thee well, old Boiler Building! Rest in Pieces!

7 thoughts on “that’s what i’m trying to tell you kid, it’s been totally blown away

  1. Jennifer says:

    How important that you preserved the building in your sketches! I’ve seen the other ones you’ve posted in the past, and they are all spectacular. Do you sketch in pencil first, and do you add the color right there on the spot, or do you get a general skeleton and flesh it out later, at home, at your desk with your coffee (or tea, as the case may be?)

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks! No this is all straight to pen on site, very quickly done first one was about fifteen mins, second one about twenty. I added the colouring-in later (due to lunchtime restraints) – you can just about make out a couple of my notes, ‘yellow’ written on the machine, but the penwork is all on location.

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