but i need a friend and i choose you

26th & K, Sacramento

We happened to be in Midtown Sacramento today, buying art supplies and stocking stuffers at the University Art Store on J Street. I decided to stick around and sketch a building I last sketched back in early 2007, the Parish Church of St.Francis of Assisi. It was a cool day in Midtown, and I had a long walk to the bus afterwards, but it was a good walk. I always forget how much I do enjoy Midtown Sac, how many great sketching opportunities and interesting little stores there are. I remember when I first discovered the area, my wife had dropped me off to check out that record shop The Beat one day and I was hooked, it became my favourite place to escape to from Davis (other than the Bay Area of course). I was amazed I had never been there before; I generally avoided Sacramento in those early days, having only seen its rougher edges, but Midtown was cool. On those long Sundays when my wife wanted me out of the apartment, I’d be there somewhere between J or K or L, sketching. This building was in fact the first thing I ever drew in Midtown, so when I stopped there today it felt like I was sketching an old, old friend. I don’t go to this area very often now, maybe a couple of times a year, but it’s an interesting area, and has well-stocked art stores, comic shops, record shops and a British pub – what more do you need?

Incidentally, here is the version I drew nearly six years ago… different angle, different light, different pens, very different days.

st francis church & friary, midtown sacramento

14 thoughts on “but i need a friend and i choose you

  1. neywang says:

    2 styles are totally different! The second one has more realistic photo-ish feeling whereas the first one has more of children’s book’s style. I love the old-rusty color you put on the church wall and gives it an aging character. Hey, next time when you go there again, a burger place call “Squeeze Inn Midtown” (couple blocks away) can be one of your good friends/companies too. :)

  2. Myra Handsaker says:

    The most recent sketch is stunning and really captivates; love the bold outlines. The original, with the softer lines and colouring, is attractive too.

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks Myra! While I’ve improved technically and my style has changed considerably since then, I was very happy with the drawing in 2007 as felt like an important progression for me with this sort of urban sketch, standing there in the cold trying to get branches and perspective right.

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