when it’s raining, it’s raining

rainy november day
Big rain storms rolled into California today. Late November can be a very colourful time of year, when the trees are bright yellow, fiery orange, deep reds, and leaves flutter down on every breeze. When the storms come it blows everything around, meaning what would otherwise be a grey and dismal day was in fact a beautiful, I mean really beautiful stormy morning. I walked to a meeting mid-morning, and could have walked on all day in the rain. The ground was covered in bright leaves, like a dusting of golden snow. I don’t have a window in my office so I can’t gaze dreamily out at the rain (I have to draw a picture of it on my whiteboard), but I can hear it on the skylight, tap-tap-tap, and by lunchtime it was pounding. I couldn’t wait to get back out, find a sheltered spot, and draw the colourful storm while it lasted. I listened to a history podcast about England’s medieval conquest of Wales and drew in the Moleskine. It’s funny, whenever it rains here people are often, oh no, rain, I don’t want to get my raincoat slightly wet in the brief dash from my car to Target, whereas I’m like, oh it’s just a bit of rain, grrr. So I scribbled down this cartoon in my notepad this afternoon. Thought you might like it.
rainy day

12 thoughts on “when it’s raining, it’s raining

  1. Jeckenzibbel says:

    Haha, and you make a fantastic cartoon character! Love it.

    P.S. I am living and sketching in Berlin for 3 months, already sketched twice with the Berlin Urban Sketchers and other illustrators. Nice friendly group!

    • pete scully says:

      Oh cool, you’re in Berlin now? I haven’t been there in nearly 15 years. I really like the Berlin USk site though, great bunch of sketchers. Hope to get back out there some day.

  2. jennifertan47 says:

    I love those stormy bright coloured days where the leaves sometimes blow up, not down. I just looked at your materials page and enjoyed every bit of it. So cool that you drew them all (that makes sense) and you were so generous in describing what you’ve found to work for you. It can be so boggling at the art supply store with so many choices, sometimes it’s so good to have a recommendation just to use as a place to jump in. I also really enjoy listening to others who get that feeling of using the perfect pen versus one that’s just sort of ok, versus (can you do three versuses??) one that really just needs to go!

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks! I always love hearing about what other people like to use too; although everyone is individualized, what works for one doesn’t for another etc, it’s always nce to have someone else’s perspective. Plus I just love reading about pens!

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