notre dame, the beautiful

Notre Dame de Paris
Oooh, you don’t get scenes like this in Davis.

This is the Cathedrale de Notre Dame, on the banks of the Seine in Paris. As if this magnificent building needed an introduction! At the end of a warm day full of sightseeing and playgrounds and puppets, we went to see Notre Dame in the late afternoon sunshine. Ever since I was a kid it was one of my favourite buildings; I visited there when I was about 12 or 13 with school and loved all the ancient cold stone and gargoyles and colourful rose windows. The grey pollution has all been scrubbed off now, and it glows in the golden early evening light. After some time playing in the sandpit next to the cathedral, my son went home for a pre-dinner nap with my wife while I stayed on to draw by the Seine. I stood next to those guys who draw all the portraits for the tourists (they seem to speak so many languages fluently) and drew this remarkable view. I think I have wanted to draw this for so many years now, so I savoured every moment.

9 thoughts on “notre dame, the beautiful

  1. Morning Waters says:

    Pete, I have been following your sketches of Paris and feeling wistful. I have loved visiting Paris and usually stay in the Latin Quarter where you are now. Your sketch of Notre Dame is wonderful. I remember spending a lovely sunny afternoon in the small park behind the Cathedral just soaking up Paris and all her Parisness. Thanks for rekindling all my lovely memories.
    Morning Waters

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks Morning! I really liked the Latin Quarter, I only went there once for a stroll about fourteen years ago so didn’t know the area, but I think it’s the best place to stay. Also discovered (after coming back) that one of the Paris Urban Sketchers I met in Lisbon lived only a block from where we stayed, so next time I’ll go for a little longer and meet some Paris sketchers. Lovely city to draw.

  2. Myra H says:

    C’est beau. C’est parfait. All of your sketches of Paris are lovely but this one of Notre Dame captures it all.

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