know what i mean harry?

harry redknapp

Do you know the difference between Basil Fawlty and Victor Meldrew? There is a broad range of character defects between the two but I’ve narrowed it down to this – things tend to happen to Victor, without them necessarily being his fault, whereas Basil’s woes are almost always entirely his fault and pretty preventable. As the episode of Fawlty Towers goes on you see him diggin further and further into a hole which it is almost impossible to get out of, and you can just tell is going to get worse. So what about Harry Redknapp?

I won’t go into the story, footy fans know it, non-footy fans have turned off already. Harry has been great for Spurs and may continue to be but this England job thing hangs over the whole club. Sure the FA are waiting on their decision – but I think it might make things a lot easier if Harry actually came out and said if he will or will not take it if offered. Spurs’s season since this whole thing came up has resembled an episode of Fawlty Towers (at least, I can’t get the image of Basil/Harry falling off the ladder trying to ‘look at girl in room’, that being the champions league), and wondering whether this business-end-of-season-collapse is Harry’s fault for not committing or the FA’s fault for not asking. That is, is Harry a Basil or a Victor?

Hmm. If someone had said to me in mid February when we were nine points clear of Arsenal that two months later we’d be six points behind them and sinking, I’d have said “I don’t believe it!” Now I keep imaging Harry picking up a puppy instead of a phone.

5 thoughts on “know what i mean harry?

  1. Morris says:

    Can’t help feeling that the team doesn’t want him to leave. Is it psycomotivationalistic? More psychology than football these days. Yes it’s Victor, but in court Basil can come in handy!

    • pete scully says:

      Don’t know what’s going on to be honest. Harry says the England thing hasn’t affected the players and they don’t care who their boss is, a year under Juande “I know nothing” Ramos said different. I just wish he’d commit one way or the other.

    • pete scully says:

      Harry is a good manager, but deep down I fear he’s not that good. When it comes down to the cliched business end of the season, the team tires and runs out of ideas. He’d be the same as England manager, fire people up, go an a promising run, but in the end they’d still go out in the quarter finals against the first decent team they meet. I love what Harry’s done to Spurs, but despite our amazing run we fell against the big teams and have now unravelled. I really hope he stays, because next season could be even better, but I would rather he committed to staying sooner.
      As for Liverpool, well… yes, very glad I’m a Spurs fan! Shame we couldn’t meet you in the Cup Final. I will have to be a Liverpool fan for that now.

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