quick draw first street

1st st real estate

Needed a quick sketch yesterday lunchtime after chowing down at Habit Burger, a place which does great big chicken burgers for sure but they don’t half like talking and repeating back everything that you have ordered (including pointing out the things that you did not order like teriyaki sauce) both when you order and when you pick it up. Handy for some, I’m sure, but I’m not a patient man, I just want to pay and eat. They are quick to make it though, and boy it is good when you get it, so you want to savour it. All of which means I have a smaller window to sketch within. Still you can get a lot of information across in a short amount of time. I stood opposite Firts Street Real Estate, a building I’ve never drawn but is very sketchworthy, and scribbled along in purple pen, adding some colour, the whole thing took about 20 minutes before I had to run back to the office.