old yellow MG

yellow MG car

I had a day off on Martin Luther King Day and so I spent the day out sketching stuff. It was bright and sunny, but freezing cold. The first thing I drew was a beauty, a yellow MG parked over near the railroads. How could I resist? I have been meaning to draw more cars when I see them out and about, so I’m glad to have chanced upon this. Micron 01 and watercolour in my moleskine, and it took about half an hour to draw, before moving on to freeze my fingers off somewhere else…

8 thoughts on “old yellow MG

    • pete scully says:

      I always hated drawing cars, before I realised some cars are just beautiful to draw. They’re not all beige toyotas out there! (we have a beige toyota; hard to find in the parking lot, there are so many…)

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