be my gust

old city hall, F street

The wind was up today. It was like those swirling late autumn days from about a month ago. But most leaves have already been swirled, and now the trees are nice and bare and it’s perfect for sketching the buildings of Davis, because finally you can, you know, see the buggers. The last time I drew Old City Hall on F Street, there was too much foliage to contend with, and the shadows were just blobby masses, but now we get striking dramatic shadows, long and far-reaching even in the middle of the day. I love January. I’m always super busy (and super stressed), but at the same time super creative. I drew this at around 2pm today, after a big messy chicken burger at Froggy’s (Swiss and Shroomer, much recommended).

Perfectly bright weather – but I underestimated the wind a little. Well, I didn’t really but I was still getting blown about all over the place. I sat on the sidewalk beside my big Alphabet Moon bag (I had just been there to buy a wooden railway bridge; so sad that it’s closing down, but all of Davis was in there today buying out the stock). This whole thing took about an hour and a half, in my large Canson watercolour pad, most ot the paint being done on site (the rest – the sky, the greenery – being completed over a beer at Woodstock’s around the corner while waiting for the bus, out of the wind).