out in the cold

G & 6th, Davis

Another from Martin Luther King Jr day, sketched in the morning in old North Davis. Opposite the Co-Op actually. It was bright and sunny, but freezing cold! Totally brass monkeys. My fingers did complain to the management. My pens were cold too, and so I had a rotation policy in place, keep two warm inside my pocket while the other braved the cold, switch, continue. I was getting my paints out to colour it when my painbrush said, are you having a laugh? So I went and got some lunch instead.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sketching down at 2nd street, a big panorama in another accordion sketchbook, but after two hours (and six pages, to be filled in and detailed later) I retired. Once it’s all done I’ll scan and post it, but the cold weather is now bringing rain with it so in the meantime, here’s a picture preview…