shine on alphabet moon…

alphabet moon

Very sad news this first week of the year, our favourite local toystore Alphabet Moon has announced it will be closing this month. It’s come as a great “oh no!” to the people of Davis, parents and kids and others alike. The day after hearing the news, I just had to get over there at lunchtime and sketch the place for posterity. I must say I am gutted by this news. I take my son there most weekends, and they have toys out to play with such as the great wooden railway table. When I told him, he was none too pleased. It’s always sad to see local shops go out of business, especially toystores. Toystores are where you can find those things you never see elsewhere, you never knew you wanted. Buying toys online is not the same – for one thing it’s rarely cheaper, and two you can’t see the thing, pick it up, maybe play with it. Now everyone will have to go to Target or WalMart, and while they have a lot of toys they only carry the things that all the other big box stores carry, nothing unique. As Art Brut once sang, “Don’t buy your albums from the supermarket, they only sell records that have charted.” Toys R Us? Please, that place is depressing. They have a Thomas the Tank Engine set laid out as well, but you can’t play with it, all the trains are glued down. Small independent toystores are always better, and once they are gone they’re hard to bring back. But, as with everything, we’re all to blame. As more of us buy online, and we all do nowadays, more stores go down, both big and small, and that ultimately leaves us with emptier downtowns, and much less choice. Either way, the young kids of Davis will have one less fun place to go on the weekends.

7 thoughts on “shine on alphabet moon…

  1. Marlene Lee says:

    Alphabet Moon has been around since my kids were a bit younger. It is sad to see a local business close down.

    Your sketch, Pete, is beautiful

  2. Jeckenzibbel says:

    Sorry to hear this, Pete. I don’t have kids but I can relate. A lot of independent book and art stores have closed down in Vancouver, and those are my toy shops. As you say, we are all to blame. I avoid Walmart, but I shop online for many things these days.

  3. Joe Willis says:

    Even sadder, Pete. I live in a very small town in the Sierra which has no chain stores. Our local independent merchants absolutely depend on local business. Yet, many people will drive 90 miles East to Reno or 90 miles West to Chico in order to do lots of shopping at the big box stores. We’re always in danger of becoming a ghost town.

  4. Seana says:

    It’s very sad to loose a local business that is favored. I have a couple in Petaluma that I would be devastated to lose. The good news is that there is still Early Works Toy Station in Santa Rosa and Petaluma for when you come this way, and their Thomas set is NOT glued down!

  5. Suhita Shirodkar says:

    We have ‘Wooden Horse’ in Los gatos nearby. One of the very last wonderful stores. My kids think it’s a treat to just hang out there. That’s part of the problem, I guess. We don’t always buy something and it’s not good for business. Lovely sketch, Pete.

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