get yourself together, and you’ll be alright

orange moped

I’ve seen this moped parked on campus quite often, and have been meaning to draw it for a long time. It’s that orange and white, it’s very cool. You don’t see many mopeds here. They always remind me of Europe. In fact when I lived in France there was a group of youths from the estate where I lived, in Aix, who would ride their mopeds up and down all morning, all evening, all night, not for any particular reason other than to make it impossible for me to have the windows open due to the incessant buzzing of the small engines. Ah, such memories, la vie est belle. I do love the moped though, and needed to draw something fun. I’ve been having a bit of a drawing ditch lately, not really been happy with the little I’ve been doing, mind’s been on the various art events and not having enough time in the world, so this bright and happy machine lifted me out of that. When I was almost done, the moped’s owner came to ride away. I showed her the drawing, and I think she liked it. I liked it too. More of the same, please.

3 thoughts on “get yourself together, and you’ll be alright

  1. Suhita says:

    reminds me of the scooters in India. I miss scooters here. everyone is all sealed up in a car. I love that you captured how the handlebar turns away at an angle when the scooter is parked.

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