but you didn’t take a peek in their artillery room

UC Davis protests (the day before the pepper spray incident)

You’ve probably heard about Friday’s events on the UC Davis campus. I sketched this on Thursday, at a demonstration that was beginning at the Quad, the latest in a series of Occupy-style protests on the UC Davis campus, aimed primarily at the university’s recent policy of massive tuition increases. The crowd, which was fairly sizeable but not huge, listened to speeches by students either directly affected or in support of the protest at the fee increases. I sketched quickly, but they moved on. It was all very peaceful. They moved across campus, and then returned to the Quad later on where some students pitched tents in occupation. The university authorities weren’t happy about that, and asked them to leave by Friday afternoon.

This is what happened next: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12XdQXvrdCo&feature=share (Aggie TV news report)

It has not gone unnoticed, shall we say. A demonstration is taking place right now where students are deciding what happens next. I can’t be there to sketch any of it, but I’m following it on the California Aggie’s Twitter feed. Friday’s video of the policeman deliberately pepper-spraying seated students is not something our campus can be proud of, and I have no idea the extent of the damage this will ultimately cause us, but I must say that I do feel quite enormously proud of our students right now.