red hydrant, unplanted

Ever wondered what a fire hydrant looks like befre it’s plugged in? No? Well in case you were, here is one I spotted the other day, along with some others, ready to be inserted into the ground of whatever this new development is. I have cycled past this open space for years, watching the hares bound by and the snakes slither off, while kids on BMX bikes race over the bumpy dirt. however, the buildings have been slowly rising in this neck of Davis, and this land looks soon to be lost. And unusually for Davis it will have red fire hydrants (most of them are yellow, or white/blue on campus, except for a couple of red ones I spotted once). One was already plugged into the ground, like the flag of a conquering civilization (we should have put one on the Moon, that would confuse later generations).
Seen through the fence like this it looks a bit like a prison yard, with the hydrant doing press-ups or something. No, the anthropomorphizing of hydrants is silly (but might make a great comic).

2 thoughts on “unplugged

  1. Seana says:

    There is a new development going in in the south end of Petaluma, and they’ve installed fire hydrants that make me think of you! There is one that is wrapped in black plastic, but the color is a light orange. It reminds me of a old russian woman wrapped in a shawl. I’m tempted to take a photo and send it off for you to draw (if you were so inclined, of course). Love these, and I hung the extra one you sent on the wall in my office. It looks great!

    • pete scully says:

      oh cool! Yes, send me a pic I’ll draw it. i’ve become such a fire hydrant geek. I found this site called firehydrants.org where they list (with photos) hydrants of all makes and countries.

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