sketching the urban sketchers (part 2)

miguel herranz (freekhand)rolf schroeter

More attempts at quick portraits of some world-renowned urban sketchers at the Lisbon Symposium…

(Above left): Miguel Herranz, aka Freekhand, Urban Sketchers correspondent in Barcelona whose distinctive work I’ve enjoyed for years. He did a great sketch of me! (Above right): Rolf Schroeter, the amazingly prolific USk correspondent from Berlin, sketched at Kaffeehaus in Rua Anchietta.

jason dasflorian afflerbach

(Above left): Jason Das again, aka Floodfish, USk correspondent from Brooklyn. This was sketched during the correspondent’s dinner. (Above right): Florian Afflerbach, aka Flaf, USk correspondent in Cottbus. I’ve followed Florian’s amazing work for years and so was delighted to finally meet him in person. I’ve said it before, more red-haired/glasses-wearing urban sketchers is a good thing! This very quick sketch is best viewed with 3D glasses…

saidya heynickxgerard michel

Allez les Belges… (Above left) Saidja Heynickx, from Aarschot in Belgium, sketched during lunch on the first day. Always nice to meet more Belgians! (they always laugh when I tell them I lived in Charleroi!) (Above right) Gerard Michel, one of my sketching heroes, who I first met and sketched with last year in Portland, and who I sketched here in Lisbon during one of the morning welcomes.  

More sketches of sketchers to come!

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