lisbon symposium, day 1: unfinished business

unfinished business

The second workshop of the first day was “Unfinished Business”, led by Nina Johansson from Stockholm and Jose Louro from Lisbon. The theme was drawing sketches that are not finished, that by showing only part you tell a larger story, what is not said says more than what is said. Grabbing bits and pieces to show a larger impressio rather than finished drawings, that sort of thing. I’ve explained it well, I see. This took place up at Praça Camoẽs, one square over from the morning’s session. Among other great sketchers who were there (such as the amazing Liz Steel from Sydney, who I had sketched with in Portland) was Luis Ruiz from Malaga in Spain, whose work I’ve been a big fan of for ages; it was great to watch him work. There he is below, in fact, sketching away, between the tram stop and the statue.

tram stop luis ruiz largo camoes statue detail

My last sketch of the session, below, was perhaps always going to be unfinished, but I hadn’t meant to leave it quite so unfinished! Still, as Alan Partridge might say, you get the idea.

unfinished lisbon

One of the features of the workshops this year was a more formalized meet-up at the start at a location in FBAUL (the art school in Lisbon that hosted the Symposium) where the instructors would explain the workshop and perhaps talk a little about their own technique. Nina and Jose produced a very useful little booklet full of colour illustrations which they handed out at the start, and it provided the sketchers with tips that can help them out as they go. At the end of the workshop, we all met up in the middle of the square and laid our sketchbooks together. This is one of the best moments, seeing how diverse everybody’s ‘sketching voices’ are.

Unfinished BusinessUnfinished Business



2 thoughts on “lisbon symposium, day 1: unfinished business

  1. Jen Appel says:

    These are great! I’m so used to your very “finished” style of sketching. It’s fun to see the montage of all the things you saw that day. It does indeed tell a story!

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