squeezy jet

luton to lisbon
And so, I went to Portugal. After days of rain and crowds in London, it was nice to see some clear blue sky upon landing at Lisbon’s nice and modern airport. I had to first go through the mess that is Luton airport though, which seems to run on the ‘people will put up with anything’ theory (such as making people pay just to drop people off). Eventually though I was on my very orange Easyjet and flying away from England, excited about all the sketching yet to come. As ever I had to draw the view on the plane, but I had no window seat so couldn’t draw what was outside. I used my orange micron and I like the results. As I drew, attendants went up and down the aisle over and over again trying to sell goods and nonsense. Easyjet flights seem to be run by Del Boy Trotter, and it’s not as if they’re all that cheap like they used to be. Still, it got me to the actual Lisbon rather than a hundred miles away, so I’m happy. 

When I arrived in Lisbon I got myself a Lisbon Card (useful if you have time to visit all those museums and sights, a bit of a big waste of money if ultimately you don’t get to do that), and hopped on the very convenient AeroBus straight downtown. As I was sketching on the bus (below), I met a woman who teaches at a London art school and is also an art critic for various national papers, in Lisbon to cover another big art exhibition. I told her about the Symposium, and she popped by a couple of days later to meet with the organizers and the sketchers. for me, this was my first sketch in Lisbon, so I had to make it colourful! I’m getting used to whipping out the waterbrush and paints on public transport now, it’s pretty compact!

AeroBus sketch

2 thoughts on “squeezy jet

  1. Seana says:

    I like the perspective of these, Pete! I love the color too. The orange micron gives an unexpected tone to the sketch. I was talking to Sean this morning and he said ” The pictures on the wall are straight, but if you look at them from here (lying down), they lean to the top.” which I found fascinating, since I don’t see the world that way (I think it’s a geometry block of the synapses). Anyway, LIKE!

  2. pete scully says:

    Cheers Seana! I went to a workshop which dealt with curvilinear perspectives, so much to learn about how to get that right! But fun to play with for sure. Everything is curving, in our eyes, but our brains tell us it is not.

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