a merry old soul was he

The Coal Hole, next the the Savoy Theatre on London’s Strand. “Let’s all go down the Straaand, Let’s all go dahn the Straaand, ‘Ave a banana…”

coal hole, strand
I drew this after a whole day sketching in the cold and shopping in the warmth. It was very productive. The Coal Hole is a nice place to stop for a rest, and has a nice open fire next to which you can sit in a big comfy armchair sketching the coal hole(if you are lucky enough to grab it). I sat upstairs and looked down upon the suits and tourists, bags of christmas presents under the table, pint of London Pride on the table, and micron pen in hand. The pens were positively delighted to be back in the warmth, the ink oozed out beautifully like wine from a bottle, not like the reluctant agoraphobic ink I’d been dealing with all day. I migth have to buy gloves for my troublesome pens. But they are worth it.

Interesting thing about the Savoy Hotel – it has no floor thirteen. They are famously superstitious. If you book dinner at the Savoy for thirteen people they will give you a table for fourteen, and in the fourteenth seat they will place a little wooden cat called Caspar. Lucky for some. What’s more, the little road that leads into the hotel is probably the only road in the UK where you have to drive on the right hand side of the road (aka, the wrong hand side of the road). It’s a quirk dating back to the days of horse-drawn carriages, I’m told.

More London sketches to come!!!

2 thoughts on “a merry old soul was he

  1. donna noble says:

    Hi Pete,

    Another excellent sketch, I love your blog!

    I have no financial interest, but I have found the most wonderful tin for micron pens! And they are a San Francisco area company. In fact, the name is the San Francisco Chocolate factory. Have you seen them, they have terrific graphic designs of the Golden Gate bridge etc. Web address is www. sfchocolate.com Search the site by landmark collection. Micron pens fit perfectly.

    I apologize if you already know about this.

    Happy Holidaze!


    PS I am with the Strand on that number 13 business. Better safe than sorry ;-)

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