they say that london is brighton-by-the-land

I’m still here folks. Well, not here, but there. Freezing my little fingers off, not to mention my poor Pigma Micron pens (unused to sketching in such climates, and you can’t even buy them here), in my home town. Just below, Moley #5 on Tottenham Court Road, just down from Paperchase, just before midday.  

my cold fingers, in london

The Moley and the Microns (and a Uni-pin fineliner) have been kept very busy, up and down the streets. I will scan all at some point, but not just yet. And that title is a David Devant-ism, if you’re interested. Meanwhile, I am enjoying Match of the Day, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Trifle, Tesco Metro, Unpredictable Weather, University Challenge (I had forgotten just how fast and long those questions are!!), Expensive Lukewarm Beers,  and Highgate. I am nonplussed by cultural references (who the bloody hell is Jedward? Please don’t answer), astounded that I’m a bleedin’ Celebrity is still on the air, and please what has happened to all the Lilt, I can’t find it anybloodywhere. America may as well be a million miles away to me: I’m back home, briefly.