and a happy new year

humpty dumpty

humpty dumpty

This is what I looked like on my first ever New Year’s Eve. Rather the lump I was. This New Year’s Eve, 32 years later, I look a bit more rough around the edges, but that is because we just arrived back from London, and a long and tiring journey it was. Gets more difficult every time. It is my son’s first New Year also, but he is thankfully fast asleep. I should be able to post a bit more regularly now I’m back in the US, after I’ve scanned the rest of my drawings from London and Belgium, but in the meantime enjoy your parties and your fireworks, I hope you all had an excellent Christmas, and I wish you a happy 2009. I’m off to bed.

5 thoughts on “and a happy new year

  1. Jana Bouc says:

    Hah! That’s so funny. I thought it was a picture of your baby and I was going to remark at how much he looks like you. Then I read further and it is you! Happy New Year! I look forward to another year of your great work.

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