sketchcrawl 20 (part 2)

22nd St
Saturday’s sketchcrawl in SF’s Mission District continued; I drew the view down 22nd St looking towards that large insectoid alien invader tower thing. I do know what it is called, but it is funnier if I call it that. You may notice, there are no power lines in this picture, what was I thinking? Was I going to spend a day drawing in the Mission without sketching my beloved powerlines? Surely not. But I had a checklist: powerlines, victorianon the street houses, spanish-language shopfronts, and sutro tower with a hill full of buildings. Otherwise I may as well just stay in Davis and draw trees. I got the drawing of a building with a tree in the foreground done, that’s an old chestnut for me, plus the purple pen outing and the view from the train, I am becoming predictable. Can I resist drawing a framed picture with a tree or lamp-post escaping the frame? No I can’t, and there it is above. Below, a grand old Victorian on Guerrero, the sort of place you would just love to live. I enjoy drawing these. I gave this picture a very green tint to it.
victorian on guerrero

After this, I strolled down to 24th to look at murals and sketch some more. Part 3 coming tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “sketchcrawl 20 (part 2)

  1. Gerald says:

    Pete, great work! How do you keep your Winsor Newton palette so clean? I have the same one, but very muddy. Sorry to hear about your dog poo incident. So did you do the moon walk to wipe it off :)

    I like your binder clip idea, comes in handy with sudden gust of winds.

    I’ll have to sketch with you on the next crawl and chat. I totally dig your blog entries.

  2. petescully says:

    Thanks! Haha, actually it was a new set, that’s why it was so clean, i usually use a different one which is messier. And the binder clips, yeah learnt that one fast. Tried a rubber band too.
    As for wiping off the dogpoo, er, let’s just say i’m glad i happened to have some business cards in my bag.
    See you on a future crawl!

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