sketchcrawl 20 (part 3)

sc20 chairez barbers

And so on to 24th Street, and to the more colourful latin-american part of town. I loved it down there and was itching to draw some spanish-language shopfront. I chose a barber-shop (yep, drawn barber-shops in SF before) which i could have simplified, but i did have lots of kids and adults wearing chivas etc football shirts looking over my shoulder exclaiming excitedly in spanish so I felt i should keep adding details. I enjoyed drawing this one. The one below, I finally got a powerline in there. Several other sketchcrawlers were at this intersection – one even spoke to me, and happened to be from England – and there were also two large cops on two large motorbikes hodden behind opposite corners, bursting out sirens screaming every time someone jumped a stop sign (presumably that was the reason, unless it was something more serious). Decided to colour this elsewhere, over a well-deserved fat tire in a little Irish bar called napper tandy’s, full of fairly well-watered and friendly Irish people. Decided on sepia in the end, give it a different flavour. 
sc20 sepia 24th

Sketchcrawl ended at Muddy’s, a cafe with pretty much nothing on the menu that I wanted (this is why I prefer these things to end at a pub, at least they have beer, but that’s just me being a Londoner; I don’t drink coffee, so all those different flavour beans mean nothing to me). There were a LOT of other sketchcrawlers there, sharing their sketchbooks – though I usually like this bit, I was a little intimidated. I did sit and swap books with a few people, all great work, some people just doing one or two pictures, others filling pages and pages with quality work. I was given some nice compliments. But I got too shy to go mingling, and slinked off for a very messy mission burrito, before heading off to catch the amtrak bus over the bridge, and the train back to Davis, tired and exhausted.  
going home

I really enjoyed this Sketchcrawl. They’re always different. I guess the next one is in January some time – we’ll see! Hope you enjoyed my little trip through the Mission District.

5 thoughts on “sketchcrawl 20 (part 3)

  1. Seana says:

    I did enjoy it! My favorite one is the sepia. I didn’t realize this was coming up (the sketch crawl). I keep hoping to get my friend’s daughter into this. She lives in Vacaville, and I think a trip to Davis in January is in order. Thanks Pete! Sorry you didn’t get the beer at the finish. Always a good way to end the day.

  2. Jason Das says:

    These are wonderful, Pete! I love the colors, but the lighting in the sepia one is just amazing.

    I wonder if anyone does these crawls in New York… Seems like an awful lot of folks participate out there.

  3. petescully says:

    Cheers Seana, Jason! I’ll keep an eye on the sketchcrawl site for the date of the next one. I only chose sepia because it was really quick to do, and at that point i was having that beer and people kept talking to me. I was going to draw the inside of the pub itself because it was really cool, but maybe next time.

  4. Merriel Taylor says:

    Pete: Your sketches are wonderful. I try to look at these all the time when they have a crawl. I keep thinking I’m going to learn how to do this and try to spend time doing it. Your an inspiration, not only your work but that you go out and get involved. Thanks for sharing. Watch where you step. I live close to Davis and go there frequently to the galleries. Maybe I can catch Januarys if I know when it is.


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