Face to Face with Chancellor May

Mrak and moped, UC Davis

Here’s something exciting – recently I was interviewed by the UC Davis Chancellor, Gary May, as part of his ‘Face To Face’ interview series with UC Davis people. The video was just posted yesterday on his channel, and features a chat with me about sketching, Davis, and other things too. It was recorded back in March (around the time when I drew the picture above, of a scooter outside Mrak Hall, the building where we filmed it) and was great fun, a great honour to be invited over to chat. I always get nervous hearing myself speak, but hopefully you will like it. Many thanks to Chancellor May and his team for speaking with me and putting this together! You can see the whole video here:

UC Davis News article: https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/podcasts-and-shows/face-to-face/pete-scully-sketches-surroundings?utm_source=datelinehtml&utm_medium=datelinenewsletter&utm_campaign=dateline_20220628

One thought on “Face to Face with Chancellor May

  1. Itching for Hitching says:

    Fabulous Pete, and nice to see the person behind those inspirational sketches. My husband and I travel Australia in our caravan and I’m trying to sketch unusual and interesting buildings from each of the towns where we stay, so your sketches have kept me going. Cheers!

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