my 2018 in sketches

2018 sketches sm
As I do every year, here is a list of all my sketches from 2018. It was a less sketch-ful year than 2017, and than 2016 too, but still it’s a decent haul. I’m not showing  huge pile of twelve sketchbooks from fifteen countries or anything; I’m a quick sketcher who draws a lot, but I love lots of detail . Sure, it’s been a very busy year, working lots in my full-time job, and coaching soccer for much of the year, but I always find some time to sketch (though so far, 2019 equals zero actual sketching…). The busiest month by far was July, when I was in England, Spain and of course Portugal. Sixteen fire hydrants, not bad. Some Lego, not as much as last year (but I’ve been animating quite a lot of it!). I’ve done other drawing, some design stuff, creating logos. I’ve also started teaching myself Adobe Illustrator the past couple of weeks which has been fun. Anyway, as a pound-for-pound comparison with the most recent years, here is the new chart…

2013-2018 sketches

In 2019, I am planning to go to the Amsterdam symposium in the Netherlands, and also sketch around the country of Belgium right before that. I don’t know if I have any new-year sketching resolutions, perhaps to draw more nature, I’m so inspired by Richard Bell’s book ‘Britain’, I would love to explore more. Anyway, happy sketching in 2019!

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