all these things into position

020416 international center sm
More campus construction…this is the International Center, on the north end of campus, and it is almost ready. I have sketched it once before (in this post), but I have been cycling past this spot for years. By the way, click on the image to see it embiggened slightly. This was sketched in the watercolour Moleskine (#14 of those sketchbooks I have used). I like this view, as the perspective points us all the way to Russell. It was breezy, but the weather is getting pretty mild now. The last few days of my thirties are winding down.

5 thoughts on “all these things into position

  1. JLC says:

    Nice work! I have a brother in law who works at UC Davis and a lot of family in Sac. So it’s fun to see your sketches and recognize some of the places. There are some great restaurants in Davis as you probably know. And don’t worry, turning 40 is painless. I’ll be 43 on the 24th. The 40s is the new 30s only with more confidence. :)

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