but all the things that you’ve seen slowly fade away

3rd street building

This old building is on 3rd Street in Davis, near the train tracks. I believe it is part of the Ace Hardware complex of buildings, and I’ve always wanted to sketch it because I’m drawn to the way the shadows hit the light, the corrugated metal, the general weather-worn feel, and also it’s an easy  thing to draw. As much as I long for those big urban scenes, actually what I really like are views like this, where everything is a bit self-contained. As much of Davis seems to be slowly changing, upgrading, especially along 3rd Street (more on that in the next post), these older buildings are looking a little lost in the passage of time. I sketched in the shade on a sunny November weekend while leaning on an electric box. Those Fall colours are finally starting to come to life here in Davis.

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