behold! your guardians of the galaxy!

guardians of the galaxy lego
I can’t stop this feeling deep inside of me…

Remember that movie last summer, the big gamble Marvel took on a space-hero movie made up of a group of characters that doesn’t make sense in the comics, let alone in a movie – a barely heroic scoundrel, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy (who is also green), an extremely literal and violent maniac (also green), a talking raccoon who loves enormous weaponry (also violent), and a giant walking tree (kinda violent but loveable). Let those last two sink in for a minute. Rocket Raccoon (don’t call him a raccoon) and Groot (he’s definitely Groot). Theoretically that sound as bad an idea on film as Howard the Duck (um, spoiler alert…). It was brilliant, and loads of people went to see it, and the script was cool and the soundtrack kicked bottom, and space was fun and colourful and, well, not ‘Interstellar’. It even had Thanos, the mad Titan on his floating space throne. Yep, I loved it. I went to see it in Leicester Square in London with my friend Roshan on a massive screen, and we spent the entire time in the pub afterwards talking comics, which we never do, usually.

My son loved it too, and for Christmas he made sure to put on his list Guardians of the Galaxy Lego sets. So this is what I have drawn this time, in the sketchbook-of-his-things.

Next up in the Marvel-movie-verse: Avengers Age of Ultron. Wake me up on May 1st!

6 thoughts on “behold! your guardians of the galaxy!

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    That is a great sketch of a Lego set with which I am very familiar since I put it back on the shelf every day. My kids are obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy. Obsessed. When my husband took our four boys to see the movie in the cinema, I had some alone time and went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I, therefore, had to keep shouting “spoiler alert” at them every time they started to discuss the movie – which was often – until I finally saw it on disc at home. It is definitely a fun movie and now my kids are fanatical about the comic books (one gets Starlord every month and one gets Rocket Raccoon) and the (impatient) wait for the sequel. Have you seen all the new Lego sets that are rolling out linked to the new Marvel movies? My kids are obsessed with looking at those on the Lego website.

  2. Andrew James says:

    I love that you’re drawing your son’s toys. The sketchbook will be a treasure trove of memories when he’s older.

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