davis, barn by barn

the barn UC Davis
The Barn, UC Davis. I’ve sketched this a couple of times before, The Barn. The word “Barn” comes from Old English, “bereærn“, which literally meant “barley house”. A lot of buildings on campus look like this as you well know. I needed to sketch something familiar. I feel like I’ve sketched a lot of barns (and former barns) in Davis. Barns and bars. I must confess there was more blossom on that tree now than my sketch lets on. Spring is truly sprung in Davis. Can you believe it’s March already? Of course you can. The days march on as they have always done, but as we get older, each day is relatively shorter than the previous one. Albert Einstein said that, or at least it sounds a bit like the sort of thing he might have said. Lunchtimes feel shorter, at least. Once again I did the colour when I got home.

7 thoughts on “davis, barn by barn

  1. Akire Bubar says:

    Beautiful work! If you like old barns & ever make it out east to PA, there’s an organization in Bucks County called Heritage Conservancy. They’ve put together several self-driving/biking tours called “Barn Voyage”. There’s a lot of gorgeous historical architecture out here. The Germantown/Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia is full of gorgeous old houses, too.

  2. mamalisa4 says:

    Great Job on the pic!! I didn’t know where the word ‘barn’ derived from – so interesting! And whether Einstein said it or not – it is soo true!! GREAT POST! I loved it! :)

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