sketching wren’s city – a sketchcrawl in london

Sketching Wren's City
Sketchers of London! I would like to invite you to join me for another sketchcrawl on the streets of Britain’s capital on Saturday, August 2nd. I’ve organized a couple of sketchcrawl events in London over the past couple of summers, last years being themed upon the Whitechapel of Jack the Ripper, and this year I wanted to indulge my life-long love of the London of Sir Christopher Wren, the late seventeenth century architect and scientist and the genius behind St. Paul’s Cathedral.

We will start at 10:30am at the base of The Monument (nearby Monument tube), and from there we will sketch solo or in groups (as you prefer), taking in as many of the great Wren’s buildings as we can fit on our pages, before reconvening by the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wren’s masterpiece, at 4pm, to look at each others’ sketchbooks. From there we may have a quick pint at the Old Bell on Fleet Street, the only pub built by Wren on our ‘crawl.

WHEN: Saturday August 2, 2014
START: 10:30am, The Monument
FINISH: 4:00pm, outside St. Paul’s Cathedral

As always this sketchcrawl is free and open to anybody with an interest in urban sketching, artists of all levels and ages are welcome. All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on (oh and maybe a snack). I will be providing hand-drawn maps for you to choose your own route. I hope to see you there!

Let’s draw London!

Facebook event:
Urban Sketchers London

7 thoughts on “sketching wren’s city – a sketchcrawl in london

  1. Linda Daily says:

    Ooh ah! This sounds wonderful. I know you will have a great time and most likely better weather than I had in May. I look forward to seeing your wonderful drawings. Cheers!

    • pete scully says:

      Cheers Linda! I’ve been wanting to sketch Wren’s buildings all in one day since I was a kid and never got around to it, so this is my excuse. I want to do at least one panorama too, by St. Paul’s maybe, but the plan for me is to sketch at least four, but maybe five or six Wren buildings. Maybe: the Monument (maybe), St.Clement Eastcheap (not easy), Stephen Walbrook (inside preferably), Mary-Le-Bow (cockney reference), St.Paul’s (gotta), maybe the Old Bell. Maybe St. Bride’s. More research needed… The map is all drawn anyhow.

  2. Myra Handsaker says:

    I look forward to seeing your sketches of Wren’s buildings. Did you catch the PBS special last week on St. Paul’s and how Wren designed and built the cathedral? Detail on Wren’s choice of sand vs. clay for the foundation and the problems it presented. What a masterpiece. Have a great time in London. Cheers! Myra

    • pete scully says:

      I didn’t see that, but it sounds interesting, perhaps I can find it on demand. St.Paul’s is epic though, as a Londoner it is the enduring symbol of the city for me (see the centre of my blog header image!)

  3. Myra Handsaker says:

    Pete, it was an hour long special about how the choice of sand as a foundation started to sink and the adjustments to the building had to be made as it gained height. There was a lot of explanation on construction and architecture that was fascinating and how Wren made adjustments as building progressed. It was interesting to see the researchers using high tech scanners. I think it was on last Thursday. If you can find it, it’s a really great program. Cheers! Myra

  4. lynneinpborough says:

    Drat!! Only just found you and heard of urbansketchers… Will seek out the next one hopefully. Hope you had a great sketchcrawl.
    I’ve done some very quick live pastel sketches of London in the past but now I’m doing much more sketching and feeling more confident about sketching ‘in public’ this would have been wonderful to be part of.

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