in the long dry winter

1st st panorama, davis CA
The sunshine continues. We have a bit of an emergency here in California, with the whole not raining thing. They may even end up rationing water. Let’s have a little bit of rain, please! I remember a few years ago we had a similar situation and then a huge weekend of rain refilled everything and we were like, ok never mind. This time we’ll need a bit more I reckon. Some snow in the mountains, water in our reservoirs, and occasionally a cloud in the sky perhaps. However while it is sunny I will still draw those shadows against those buildings. I got out one lunchtime for another panorama, and with this one I packed a hello of a lot of inkwork into my hour, helped by listening to the second Beady Eye album (which I must say I am really enjoying). I added some of the detailings and the the paint later at home. This is First Street, Davis, the block closest to campus, opposite the parking lot. A very common sight for many UCD employees on their way to work. I have sketched the big white building on the left (with the ‘Dutch Colonial’ roof) on a couple of occasions, but not the Delta-Delta-Delta frat house (it’s actually a sorority) and the building next to it. It’s funny, the panoramas much warmer on the right, with warmer colours and leaves on the trees, while to the left the scene is colder, leafless, much less colour.Like going from Winter to Spring. Winter, haha. Davis didn’t have a ‘Winter’ this year.
Here are a couple of closer views.

1st st davis

One thing you may notice on the sorority house is that it got tp’d – toilet paper thrown over it. You get that here occasionally. You’d think they’d wipe that practice out.

1st st davis

Panoramarathon “rolls” on…

7 thoughts on “in the long dry winter

  1. Vicky Porter says:

    Your shadows are the best! Of course, your trees are terrific as well as the color choices…and on and on. Hope you get some rain, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy these lovely sketches of sunshine.

  2. Jason Pearlman says:

    Wow; just wow! The first thing I caught was the brilliant lighting, and soon fell into all of the details. Sketches like this certainly take practiced patience, of course, I always wonder how long a sketch like this actually takes to complete.

  3. Linda Daily says:

    I really love this one Pete. The shadows are great,the light sort of California winter- like. I just returned from a week in SF,including a few glorious days in Monterey. The weather was so perfect,almost too perfect! I enjoyed it but sorry to see those
    golden hills are brown now. Here’s to a little rain!

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