turn turn, i wish you would

city hall tavernAnd another bar sketch for you, this one from a few weeks ago at the City Hall Tavern, into which I popped after sketching the Wealth of Nations band. Nice beer. Revolving bicycle wheels on the ceiling. Two and a Half Men was on the TV, for some reason (hence the blank TV screen, I simply cannot reproduce such unparalleled artistic genius on paper). Above the bar, a quote Benjamin Franklin once said to help bars sell more beer (“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy,” he said apparently, but I suspect he said that about a lot of things). Bars like random beer quotes. That one by George Best about spending most of his money on women and beer (and the rest he just squandered) is often decorated proudly on pub walls, unflinching in its sad irony. I had the ‘Hell or High Watermelon’ beer. Halfway through sketching, the bad TV went quiet (hooray!) and the tables were cleared from the centre of the room (booo!) to make way for some sort of space for people to move around to loud thumping music, so I had to relocate to the bar to draw the details there. As the more well-dressed-for-a-night-out people started coming in, I finished up and called it a day. Another bar sketch done.

Incidentally I still have a few first-run copies of my short self-made bar-zine on my Etsy store, “Davis Bar-By-Bar“. I plan to print more and make further volumes, and if I ever get time, put together a book. Ah, time gentlemen, please.

4 thoughts on “turn turn, i wish you would

  1. Jason Pearlman says:

    Love these bar sketches; I just got a commission to sketch a bar here in DC, so I’ve been studying up on a few of your bar sketches. I’ve already staked-out where I want to sit and what I want to sketch at the bar. Other than that, any advice? BTW, how long to your bar sketches take to do?

    • pete scully says:

      Cheers! Sounds like a good commission. Seating position is very important – one level away from the bar is good if you want to include more people (helps break up the craziness of the detail) but as in this case, I didn’t know my table would be moved mid-sketch (and that’s happened before). I always prefer sketching at the bar itself. Biggest advice sketching at the bar is always be conscious of other people potentially spilling drinks as they order them, happens a lot! My bar sketches, well I count them i beers, usually about three pints for a complicated looking one. Two to three hours, tops. Any more than that and it starts getting less complicated…

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