the little shamrock

Little Shamrock SF
After the Zine Fest in San Francisco I crossed over Lincoln Way and sketched a pub opposite Golden Gate Park, The Little Shamrock. I remember seeing this pub once ages ago when we drove past here, because it is pretty old – 119 years old in fact, according to the sign, though the date of founding means it’s probably 120 years by now. A hundred and twenty years ain’t bad! Not bad at all. So it was worth popping in to do some sketching of the interior. I must say that pretty much all of the interior was sketchworthy, a comfortable pub full of character. The people were friendly too, and the beer selection good. To my left were a group of people who from what I heard of their conversation (they were discussing performance art pieces at public galleries) they were curators at SFMOMA and probably somewhere else. Art is all around. I just hacked away at the sketchbook, and enjoyed my beer. I like the Inner Sunset.
Little Shamrock SF

7 thoughts on “the little shamrock

  1. FootySF (@FootySF) says:

    Use to love that place. Had many a pint there with my friend, the late, great Shawn Bates. We were both entrenched in the SF music scene then. She a KUSF DJ and music promoter, me a manager of obscure local bands. Good times, fond memories.

    Thank you for bringing them to mind with your beautiful sketch.

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