and they sang him a song of times long gone

Angel Inn, Highgate
You would think I draw nothing but pubs. These two yellow-stained sketches are from a month ago in London, both sketched while out with my friends. The top one is the Angel Inn in Highgate, a lovely pub I have been to many times before. I especially like it on a cold wintery day, when you can escape the chill of the Highgate Hill and sit by the warm radiator with a pint and a paper (or in my case, a sketchbook). This was not the case during heatwave-era London, but it was just as fun, catching up with my friend and relaxing in the atmosphere. I drank a couple of English craft ales, though I forget what they were called.
John Snow, Soho

This one was sketched more centrally in Soho, on a Sunday evening which actually saw several pubs. We popped into this one (because one of my favourite pubs, The Ship on Wardour St, was closed for the night): the John Snow on Broadwick St, because it has fairly cheap and good beer and nice wooden interiors, though it was pretty empty. I also remembered after we’d been there for a while that this was the pub that gained notoriety a couple of years back when it threw out a gay couple because they kissed each other. Boo, this pub! I do know the pub is named after a very famous epidemiologist (and not the bastard son of Ned Stark, nor the Channel 4 newsreader whose cousin Peter is the guy with the Swingometer). These were the only London pub sketches I managed on this trip. Next time perhaps I will manage a big panorama!

5 thoughts on “and they sang him a song of times long gone

  1. Sigrid says:

    These are great as always, Pete — so woodsy and dark-looking, as British pubs should be. If my husband and I ever go to London in the next few years, I will ask you (or scour your blog via the search function) for pub recommendations. I trust you. And I am not a beer snob anyway, although my husband has aspirations. Cheers!

    • pete scully says:

      Cheers! I’m not sure I know the pubs as well as I used to, so many change these days. The Angel Inn in Highgate is lovely, as is the Flask. One of the best pubs is in Notting Hill / Kensington called the Churchill Arms, usually voted best pub in London and with good reason. I really want to get back and sketch it from inside and out:

  2. writingbolt says:

    You make me sick! That first sketch alone is amazing. I can’t even call it a sketch compared to my sketches. It’s far more detailed. I love how you captured the lights, the chalkboards and shelves of bottles. I don’t frequent pubs or clubs of any kind. Nor can I imagine how my drawing skills might be affected by drinking:P But, you are a regular…however you spell the name of that guy who frequented the Moulin Rouge and painted posters for the place.

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