tale of two towers

Big Scully's Tower Bridge

More form the first Saturday back in London… We all took the tube down from Burnt Oak (or rather, the Northern Line rail replacement bus, which for some unspecified reason took us to Finchley Road on the Jubilee Line – it appeared that the driver got rather lost) and went down to London Bridge, to visit the great Borough Market. My main reason was to get one of those really yummy grilled-chicken sandwiches that I had last year. I had been drooling over those for the past twelve months. After we sat and ate them in the gardens of Southwark Cathedral and listened to a little choir singing about how the tory government are destroying the NHS (I joined in the song, of course), we walked down towards Tower Bridge. There was a little event going on in the gardens beside City Hall, so I got a beer and we all sat down in the shade, where I quickly sketched Tower Bridge. My five-year-old son joined me for some father-son urban sketching, and he did his own version! He hasn’t done such observational sketching before so I was well impressed. He was very specific about getting the City of London flag right, that’s my boy.

Little Scully's Tower Bridge

I love being by the Thames. I have said it many times before, but I’m happiest by the river.

3 thoughts on “tale of two towers

  1. Jason Pearlman says:

    Great sketches and a great story. My son hasn’t done any forays into urban sketching with my just yet, but we have done some drawing at the cafe with a cup of coffee (me) and a chocolate milk (him).

    • pete scully says:

      We do it occasionally, and usually he just draws whatever, but this time we actually sketched the same thing from observation, which was a first. Hopefully more to come!

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