an illustrated journey at the avid reader

at the Avid Reader, June 8th

Exciting news! This Saturday, June 8th, I will be giving a talk at the Avid Reader bookstore about keeping travel sketchbooks, and presenting Danny Gregory’s excellent book “An Illustrated Journey”, which as you will recall I contributed a chapter. The book features drawings and writing from forty traveling artists from around the globe and I was honoured to be involved and am constantly inspired by seeing the work of others. Bring your own travel journals and sketchbooks to show!

WHEN: Saturday June 8th, 2013 @7:30pm

WHERE: The Avid Reader, 617 2nd St, Davis CA

Hope to see you there!

Facebook event page

6 thoughts on “an illustrated journey at the avid reader

  1. Dee Bee says:

    Oh how cool! I love the Avid Reader… though they used to be my rival, given that once upon a time I worked at the Davis Borders. Anyway, hope you have a great talk :D

  2. Mike Denison says:

    I was casually browsing The Avid Reader tonight while you happened to be heading a book discussion on sketching, and the book “An Illustrated Journey”. I became terribly interested in the talk you were giving and found that I couldn’t pull myself away. I wish I’d been able to sit through the entire presentation. It was so interesting! Mike D.

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