lightning mcqueens
Just a selection of the various variants of Lightning McQueen, my son’s favourite toy character. And of course upon finishing this, he points out which ones I did not draw, cars which to me look identical but to him have one slight variation that makes the most immense difference. Minute details are everything to that five year old. Never, ever forget: young kids are not stupid, they notice EVERYTHING, way more than adults do. It keeps me on my toes, let me tell you.  I was the same, as a five year old counting the vertebrae on the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, oh I was the same. This was drawn in the excellent Stillman and Birn ‘Alpha’ book I’ve reserved for pictures of the boy’s things. I like Lightning McQueen as well, “Cars” is fun.

2 thoughts on “ka-chow!

  1. Jen Appel says:

    Although I’m a girl, I had quite the car collection at five. Much more interesting than Barbies, I’d say. This reminds me of my fleet of cars and trucks.

    I also had to have my bedtimes stories read in the same way. My mother liked to ad-lib a bit. But that was not done on my watch! ;)

  2. Jason Pearlman says:

    Love this; my son has mountains of toy cars, and now all he draws are cars (and like me, he’s very into details as well – loves to draw spoilers, antennas, etc…). He’s quite bonded to each and every one of them as well; each seems to have a role and a story during playtime. Great sketch, BTW!

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