chilling at the community center

student community center
It is very cold in Davis these days. Yeah yeah, it’s not cold like other places where it’s really cold. It’s cold enough though. But bright, sunny, and still good weather for sketching, though my Micron pens disagree a little. After eating a fairly unsatisfying Taco Bell lunch (they had the shortest line at the very busy Silo, and I wanted to spend my lunchtime sketching, not queuing for something tastier) I walked over to the Student Community Center. This is a new building, opened last year, bright and colourful, a lot nicer than the dull short buildings it replaced. I continued listening to that History of Rome podcast series (I am now up to the crisis in the 3rd Century, the Year of the Six Emperors, all of that – it’s very interesting, but imperial Rome is rather starting to remind me of a daytime TV soap) (“Rome and Away”…I may be onto something there).

On a side-note, in interesting sketching-related news, now available for pre-order (with previews of many pages) on Amazon is Danny Gregory’s sequel to An Illustrated Life, “An Illustrated Journey“. Check it out! I am in it! So are many other amazing artists whose work I love. I can’t wait!

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