jumping the shark

great white beer
Here is a beer for the hot weather (and, while today has finally cooled off a little, we here in Davis have had a very long hot summer). Great White is brewed by Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka (I always read that as ‘Lost Coats’, with images of standing around by those coat places in nightclubs), and is very refreshing and tasty on a hot evening. In the pub, the beer pump is shaped like a shark. This is sketched in my ‘beer’ book, a brown paper sketchbook I’ve had for a while.

One thought on “jumping the shark

  1. WALT GALLAWAY says:

    To: Pete Scully
    Dear Pete,

    I came across your drawing of the 1929 Ford Model A Coupe recently. It is a TERRIFIC picture! So much so that I hope you might allow us to use it here at the Tyler Model A Club for some of our promotional literature.

    We are a Non-profit Community Service Organization in Tyler, Texas and really need something like your picture to draw interest to our work and our Club. We would be happy to give you credits and include your name on any use of the photo, but being a nonprofit, we have little (translate-“almost no”) money left after our charitable work for artwork to promote our work. Our club is made up of about 60 families in this area, and our average age is somewhere around 70.

    Everyone in the Club LOVES this picture and we think we can generate more support and interest in our work with beautiful and creative artwork like you created here.

    Would you please let us reproduce this picture with full credit to you and without cost to us?

    Walt Gallaway, Secretary
    Tyler Model A Club
    903-871-3327 Home
    304-280-0604 Cell

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