and the stinking streets of summer are washed away by rain

2nd st alley
I’ve been away, out of the state, up in Portland Oregon if you must know. I wanted to walk about in the rain. Well of course we get rain here in Davis now, and some of it came the same week I left. So one wet lunchtime I got out during a lull in the weather and filled in the last remaining space in Watercolour Moleskine 10. I only sketched a bit before the rain started again, but as Alan Partridge might say, you get the general idea. The long long summer is finally gone, autumn is here, a new stage in the year begins.
Anyway, that ends Moleskine #10. Watercolour Moleskine that is, which are generally my ‘alpha’ sketchbooks. I have other Moleys, and other sketchbooks besides, but I’m already well into Moleskine 11 now and will have to do a 12th to keep some symmetry (I remember when I was ‘stopping at 9’). I’m used to them now, and they look good on the shelf (which is odd, because I keep them in a box).
If you want to see the rest of the sketches from this book, which cover London, Paris, San Francisco, Oregon, Davis Santa Cruz and some other places, please visit my Flickr set “MOLESKINE 10“…