a hundred degrees on october the first?

orange court, davis

What’s that I always say about being always busy but always finding time to sketch? I have been so busy this past week I have had zero time to sketch. Ironically my sketches were all over the local paper (and I’ll find time to post about that some time soon too), but what with work, the sketchbook has been getting a little antsy. It’s a new academic year, loads of new students, high piles of work, . Davis is a maelstrom of bikes coming from all angles and all cycling-proficiency-levels. So on Monday I made a point of sketching, even though it was just a quick 25 minutes. I was downtown and popped into the little courtyard on E St known as Orange Court, a place which really merits a much bigger, more detailed and full colour drawing. I’ve drawn it from outside in colour, and from inside in sepia, but it’s an interesting place to sketch (right by Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, my favourite place to eat in Davis) (after one full on no-lunch-and several hours-overtime daylast week the only thing I could think of was to eat their Boss’s Curry, perfect antidote to a busy week).

Don’t be fooled by the almost wintery look of this sketch. It might have been October 1st but it was a hundred degrees (maybe more), and today was no better. Come on Davis, it’s October for heaven’s sake! When can I wear a jumper and a scarf? I need a couple of days somewhere slightly cooler. Portland maybe?

Sketched in the watercolour Moleskine in brown uni-ball signo um-151, with watercolour wash. More regular sketching to come I promise you. I need it!

2 thoughts on “a hundred degrees on october the first?

  1. Vicky Porter says:

    I really like this sketch with all the crazy angles that divide up the orange.
    It’s definitely not 100 degrees in Portland. Cool in the morning and sunny in the pm and great shadows right now. Still, the rains are due to return, so you might want to come north soon.

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks Vicky! Actually I will be in Portland, last weekend in October. If you’re about on Sat 27, I’m going to see if any PDX sketchers want to come sketching Saturday Market and along the river (I really need to draw bridges).

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