seven years in california

“There’s not much glamour ’bout the English weather…”

Today is seven years since we moved to California! Seven years ago I handed in my MA dissertation, had some pretty massive parties with friends and family and stepped into the unknown. We moved to Davis a month or so later, and have lived here ever since (and while I still can’t speak American, hardly anyone asks if I’m British any more). So to honour that I am posting seven random Davis drawings from each of those years. Actually no, I’ll post eight, to include the first sketch made here in 2005 (year zero). And also a big thank you to everyone who has followed me on this sketchblog, I appreciate all of your visits and kind comments. Cheers!

Dec 2005 Borders Davis

YEAR ZERO: Borders, Davis. December 2005

a little piece of england

YEAR ONE: D Street, Aug 2006

davis 5th and J

YEAR TWO: 5th St, March 2007

how i learned to stop worrying and love the A street

YEAR THREE: A St, March 2008

now wait a second

YEAR FOUR: 2nd St, Sept 2009

shields library

YEAR FIVE: Shields Library, April 2010

dairy queen davis

YEAR SIX: Dairy Queen 5th St, Sept 2011

old city hall, F street

YEAR SEVEN: Old City Hall, F St, January 2012

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