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little prague, davis
On Saturday night after the Pence Auction, I popped by Little Prague for a couple of beers and the essential detailed bar sketch. Little Prague is probably my favourite Davis pub. It’s the one I’ve known the longest, and they do nice beer (though the Krusovice I used to enjoy is now no longer available). It’s also the pub I have sketched the most. I don’t go very often, and when I do it’s usually on one of those nights where the music is quite dancey and loud. There is however a lot to draw, especially behind the bar, and the lighting is good bar-light. On this night not only did I sell two pieces at the Pence (hooray!) but the San Francisco Giants won the NL West (as mentioned on the TV screen; the Giants tend to be on the TV in my bar sketches). This is great news in our house. This means the Giants will be in the post-season play-offs. Who knows, maybe even with a shot at the World Series? Baseball is a long season with about seventeen thousand million games, so it surprised me that the NL West division only has six teams in it. Even the Scottish Premier League has more teams than that (well, two really, Celtic and Rang- ah, er…). It doesn’t make it any easier though. They play every single day for hours on end, against teams from all over the country and just have to finish with more wins than their divisional rivals (imagine Celtic and Ra-, er, Aberdeen playing against, say, Ajax, in order to get points to win the Scottish title). You see, it all makes sense, especially after a Czech beer.

Hey if you’re interested in seeing some of my previous Little Prague sketches here are a few… spot the difference!

little prague againlittle prague
little prague, october 2010lil' prague
little prague tonightlittle prague lampslittle prague beer-pumplosing my superpowers


seven years in california

“There’s not much glamour ’bout the English weather…”

Today is seven years since we moved to California! Seven years ago I handed in my MA dissertation, had some pretty massive parties with friends and family and stepped into the unknown. We moved to Davis a month or so later, and have lived here ever since (and while I still can’t speak American, hardly anyone asks if I’m British any more). So to honour that I am posting seven random Davis drawings from each of those years. Actually no, I’ll post eight, to include the first sketch made here in 2005 (year zero). And also a big thank you to everyone who has followed me on this sketchblog, I appreciate all of your visits and kind comments. Cheers!

Dec 2005 Borders Davis

YEAR ZERO: Borders, Davis. December 2005

a little piece of england

YEAR ONE: D Street, Aug 2006

davis 5th and J

YEAR TWO: 5th St, March 2007

how i learned to stop worrying and love the A street

YEAR THREE: A St, March 2008

now wait a second

YEAR FOUR: 2nd St, Sept 2009

shields library

YEAR FIVE: Shields Library, April 2010

dairy queen davis

YEAR SIX: Dairy Queen 5th St, Sept 2011

old city hall, F street

YEAR SEVEN: Old City Hall, F St, January 2012