while waiting for the bus

red devil lounge SF

More from San Francisco last Saturday; after spending a good while on top of Nob Hill it was time to move elsewhere. I wanted a bit of upscale, after the intimidating grunge of the Tenderloin,  so I headed over to Union St, aka Cow Hollow. I had to get there first by bus though, and since I only had just spent one of my two dollars on a nice cold Pepsi Max, I had to walk down to Polk St to get some cash from a bank. I hadn’t been to Polk in a while, the Polk Gulch, and it’s pretty grungy down there too, though in a less ‘shuffly’ way. When it came time to catch my bus to Fillmore, I had about ten minutes or so and that was juts long enough to catch a sketch of this interesting club, ‘Red Devil Lounge’. They have live music there, and were advertising shows by Adam Ant and ‘From The Jam’, which as you may know is basically the other two non-Weller members of The Jam, well foxton at least (not sure about the drummer), and the picture featured an aging Foxton trying as he might to reincarnate himself as Weller circa 1979. Which Does Not Work. Anyway I sketched away (I added the colour later but did all the penwork in that short time), and caught the #1 bus up the hill and down the hill to Fillmore St.

jackson fillmore

I wasn’t planning on checking out all the very cool and decidedly un-grungy shops on Fillmore St, Pacific Heights (the opposite of Tenderloin), so just went to wait for the #22 bus to Union St. The helpful bus-stop display said it was going to be 11 minutes or so, which was just enough time for another sketch, of the Jackson Fillmore trattoria. I drew this very quickly in Moleskine #10 with my brown pen, and covered a lot of detail before the bus came. I later added some of the bricks on the left and some lines on the right, and splashed some sepia on for the sky, but otherwise it was all crammed into that short bus-waiting time, so it goes to show that when given a tiny crack of time you can draw quite a lot. I’d have drawn the same if I were given 30 minutes for the bus, I am sure. When the bus came, I stood, and it went up and down some steep hills, which is quite the ride.

Chestnut St view SF

After sketching down Cow Hollow (I’ll post that next), there was another bus wait, for the #30. So I got out the pink pen and the sky blue marker and quickly drew the view to the south of me, in my SF city moleskine. When the #30 came, it was jam packed, and a little stinky.