i get a funny feeling inside of me…

Returning to London is always fun, but busy! I’ve done a little sketching in my small quick book, but no big meaty drawings as yet – Moleskine #10 is open and raring to go! Although today, Paris is on the horizon, for a couple of days. However if you are the sketching type, and want to draw some London with me, then join us this Saturday, May 26 at 10:30am for a day of drawing around the Temple and Fleet Street areas. Anyone can join in, it’s free and all you need is something to draw with and something to draw on. We’ll sketch all day, before meeting up at 4:00pm at Gough Square to look at each other’s sketchbooks. And then perhaps a pint and some sketching talk at the Old Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street. And they say it will be warm! A mini-heatwave! I left my cabana hat in California…

Lets Draw London!

(PS there is no Let’s Draw Davis sketchcrawl this month – back in June)

7 thoughts on “i get a funny feeling inside of me…

  1. Mandy Cunis says:

    At last! I’m looking forward to your London sketches and I’m also looking forward to anything you can sketch from Paris since this is a place that has special memories for me. Thanks

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