there will be blood orange

san pellegrino blood orange

Oh man this stuff is good. I’ve  liked San Pellegrino orange drinks for a while now, since discovering cans of it at Zia’s deli in Davis, but this new flavour, blood orange, is the business. I found it at the Davis Co-Op. I feel like Dracula. I drew this in my new sketch/notebook, the Miquelrius ‘Lapin’ book – the cover is illustrated by Barcelona-based French illustrator and fellow Urban Sketcher (and top bloke) Lapin, and it goes with the Lapin pencil case I have, both bought at the UC Davis bookstore, where I also bought my Paul Wang (Singapore based artist and fellow Urban Sketcher and also a top bloke) Moleskine, which I’m using a lot as my ‘big ideas’ book. I’m having lots of big ideas lately, but all just in idea form. Must be all the blood orange.