window dressing

wardrobe dresspreeti girl dress

The last few sketches from Saturday’s sketchcrawl: things seen in shop windows. I like drawing the colourful dresses, it’s very rewarding drawing all that fabric. The pink one was in the window of ‘the Wardrobe’ on E Street, and the blue dress was in ‘Preeti Girl’, on the corner of E and 2nd.

Meanwhile, I also sketched this lovely cuddly cow that was in the window of the Mother and Baby Source on 2nd Street. Cows are popular in Davis, some even call us ‘cow-town’. Cows are funny creatures. What is a Cow’s favourite TV show? Graze Anatomy. Ok I’ll restrain myself from any more of the the many bovine-related puns out there. Anyway, the next sketchcrawl in Davis will likely be on July 23, the day of the Worldwide Sketchcrawl (though I won’t be there, as I’ll be in Lisbon…)toy cow

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