shades of earth

arboretum visitor center

Had about fifteen minutes or so yesterday lunchtime to to a quick sketch, so popped by the Arboretum to use my wonderful new pen. I scribbled some paint on the paper first, the typical Davis colours, and it was a fun exercise. This is a quiet time on campus, when the students are all gone and the sun is out and strong.

2 thoughts on “shades of earth

  1. shalpin says:

    I have the same pen, but I recall that it could take a wash. The differences might be:
    * my pen is an 03, so that’s laying down a small amount of ink anyway
    * I use gouache not watercolor, but it’s used thin so it has a similar look (I can recommend the pelikan gouache, it’s portable enough for sketching
    * Giving it some time to dry (about 5 or 10 minutes) makes a difference

    PS love your work

  2. pete scully says:

    I tried it with different amounts of ink and leaving it for a day, with heavy washes and tiny drops, and still the same results – even slight running or darkening of the wash is too much, considering microns, copics, uniball vision micro etc don’t run or affect the wash at all. No, I have lots of options for ink and wash drawings, but I’ll be using this for non-wash drawings from now on – I just ordered a big load of them from Jetpens, can’t wait to get drawing!

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