return of the dragons

backflow preventer, uc davis

Haven’t done much drawing in my large Urban Sketchers Canson sketchbook since getting it at the Portland Symposium last year, but while I am ‘between watercolour moleskines’ I’ve been sketching in all sorts of places. A colleague at work asked if his daughter who likes to draw could sketch with me one lunchtime, and since she likes to draw dragons I suggested we draw these things, which have always reminded me somewhat of metal robotic dragons. Backflow Preventers, that is their Latin name, but I give them more fun industrial dragon names like Zmorg and Xfafnir-31 and Metal-Pipe-Thing. These ones are on the UC Davis campus, sketched as the weather was getting warmer. The Davis summer has finally arrived, we had 99 degrees yesterday, though thousands more degrees than that were given out last weekend. Do I say that joke every year? I think I probably do. Anyway, after a hiatus I am back drawing the big metal pipes that come out of the ground.    

the dragon's head

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