fat tire

fat tire

Illustration Friday this week is ‘bicycle’. Living in Davis, this one’s obvious. We’re the bicycling capital of the US. We have the bicycling Hall of Fame. I just bought a new bike seat. So I decided instead¬†to draw a beer instead – Fat Tire, from the New Belgium Brewing Company, whose symbol is a bike. Sketched in the brown sketchbook, which has a few different bottles and glasses in them now.

Hope you had a good Easter! We did, it was nice. I ate rather a lot.

the urban sketcher’s fear of the pollen count

newspaper boxes E street

Lunchtime sketch from this week. I did manage somesketching this week, though not too much – the hay fever is particularly bad right now, it’s totally knocking me out. Me and half of Davis – allergies are pretty bad in this area. Going outside is becoming quite unfun, sneezing so much, I’m the holiest man in Davis, everyone’s blessing me. Still, after all those San Francisco sketches here is one from Davis. The newspaper boxes on E Street.¬†

Happy Easter everyone!