got a lovely gallery

"miscellaneous details" at artery

Last Friday I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a show at the Artery, a local gallery in Davis. The show was called “8×8 small is great”, and all of the pieces had to be around 8″x8″. My piece, ‘Miscellaneous Details’, was a drawing I did a couple of years ago (remember?), and is made up of things found around my apartment, like a self-portrait in clutter, stuff. My reaction to all the ‘de-clutter your home’ shows, an invitation to re-clutter, and then draw it and put it on your wall. In the middle, a copy of  another drawing i did once, crossed with the words “everything is interesting if you take an interest in it”, which has become my mantra. (See the original here). The interesting thing about this, is that it doesn’t actually matter which way you hang it. If you get bored of it being this way up, just turn it on its side. The way I drew it, ‘Up’ is actually where the viewer is.

Anyway…it sold! And it sold pretty quickly too. That’s what the little red dot means. I was very pleased. I did some sketches at the event, nothing grand, just a few quickies.

artery show "8x8 small is great"

Below, a couple of pieces that were in the show, ‘Fiber Hat’ by Pam Berry, which I thought was amazing, and ‘Girl-Bird Dog’ by Aiyana Pearson.

pam berry: fiber hat aiyana pearson: girl bird dog

And here are a couple of ceramics I found elsewhere at the Artery that evening, a piggy bank and some other stuff by Heidi Bekebrede, and ‘I love you’ by Rebecca Bresnick Holmes. There’s some great stuff at the Artery, if you’re in Davis, pop down to G Street and have a look!

heidi bekebrede'i love you' by rb holmes